A BWoF is a verification that the structure’s specified systems have been examined and preserved as needed in the building’s compliance schedule.

A compliance schedule will be issued through among the following circumstances:

A council issues a compliance schedule with a code compliance certificate, at the completion of consented structure work, if the structure has any specified systems.
A council issues a compliance schedule upon application from the structure owner, where, for some reason, a compliance schedule was not currently issued.
The compliance schedule consists of:

  • An in-depth description of each defined system
  • Efficiency standards for each system
  • The evaluation and maintenance treatments required to guarantee the systems continue to function as planned.

Specified systems help ensure a structure is safe and healthy for people to get in, inhabit or work in. For instance, fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

A building owner requires to restore a structure’s warrant of physical fitness (BWoF) every 12 months, finalising, providing and openly showing it to prove the building’s life security systems (called defined systems) have actually been maintained and inspected.


The owner of the building needs to supply the appropriate council with a BWoF that consists of:

  • Area of the particular structure
  • Current legally developed use, consisting of a variety of residents per level and per usage (if more than one).
  • Owner of the building.
  • Initial date the structure was built.
  • Highest fire danger classification for building use (if appropriate).

The BWoF needs to mention that you have entirely adhered to the examination, maintenance and reporting treatments of the compliance schedule for the previous 12 months. This detail needs to be provided on proposed Type 12 of the Structure (Kinds) Regulations 2004. The type specifies the specific information that should be included and the order it needs to be included in.

building warrant of fitness
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You must have on display a copy of the building warrant of fitness. It should be an area of the building where it can be seen by all building users. For example

  • Reception
  • Lobby
  • Entrance

It is an excellent practice to determine the building’s defined systems on your displayed BWoF, but it is not a requirement.


By acting as an agent,  Fire Systems will relieve the property owner of the tasks of dealing with all the contractors required to maintain the building. We coordinate with the various independent qualified person (IQP) subcontractors charged with managing the multiple features (specified systems) and issuing 12A certificates. Fire Systems can bring the years of experience in building management/maintenance and ensure that the BWoF is always current and compliance is met.


By acting as an agent,  Fire Systems will relieve the property owner of the tasks of dealing with all the contractors required to maintain the building.

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