Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

Health and safety are extremely crucial for all services, which need to include routine fire alarm testing.

All companies and businesses should routinely perform monthly tests on their fire alarm. Fire alarm systems need routine testing and maintenance. The best method to do this is to utilise the services of fire protection professionals.

Fire Alarm System Testing Inspection And Maintenance

The primary function of a fire alarm system is to save lives. Also, in conjunction with other fire control devices such as fire doors and fire curtains, a fire alarm system will allow anybody inside the building plenty of time to safely leave the properties and for the fire brigade to arrive and contain the fire.

However, for an alarm system to operate correctly,  frequently testing and maintenance should take place. Like all things,  alarm systems will decay and experience natural damage such as ending up being filthy. Added to this natural wear and tear is that batteries will become worn gradually and they will need replacing.

This routine testing by a fire protection company is necessary. Failure to have such a program in place will lead to the regional council withdrawing the building warrant of fitness. The reason for this is that if the system is not regularly evaluated and preserved it might not work correctly in the event of a fire – a circumstance which could, naturally, result in an awful result.

Naturally, without a building warrant, the business would not have the ability to trade so routine fire alarm checks make sense not just from a security point of view but also from a production perspective.

The Testing Process

Regrettably, the testing of a fire alarm system will undoubtedly result in some disturbance within the work environment; especially when testing the system’s siren or sounder. Although this can be frustrating for personnel the real interruption caused is extraordinarily minimal and working time lost almost zero.

All the different parts, starting with the main panel, need a look at and testing. Other elements of the system to be inspected will consist of the batteries to ensure they are fully charged and not worn; the smoke and heat detectors to make sure they are sufficiently delicate and the bells or sounders to ensure they are suitably audible in all parts of the properties.

Fire Systems NZ carry out routine maintenance, servicing and also testing to New Zealand standards with accompanying service and test sheets.


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