Grow Your Teams Confidence With On-Site Fire Training

Having your employees complete fire extinguisher training is an asset. In fact, giving you the confidence to react quickly during an emergency is a big part of our passion for helping you protect your people and your business. Through hands-on training with fire simulations in a safe learning environment, our professional instructors will educate your staff on the basics of fire extinguisher locations, common fire hazards, proper procedures, safe evacuation routes, and more.

Our Fire Extinguisher Training Includes:

  • An overview of common types of fire protection equipment
  • A discussion of typical extinguisher types
  • Education on common causes of fires
  • A review of current fire evacuation procedures
  • Emergency preparedness training
  • Fire hazard awareness training
  • Training on P.A.S.S. method
  • The different classes of fires


Approximately 2-3 hours of fire extinguisher training.

Nationally Accredited & Certified

On-Site Fire Extinguisher and Fire Warden Training to NZQA Standards.

Add-On Training

Along with fire extinguisher training, Fire Systems NZ offers several other courses that may be combined with this class to save money.

The courses that are most useful in addition to fire extinguisher training are:

  • Fire Warden Training
  • Chief Fire Warden Training
  • Fire drills and workplace emergency drills


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