Fire Sprinkler Systems To Slow The Fire

It’s amazing how quickly a fire can spread. But facilities with a well-maintained fire sprinkler system have a huge advantage because a quick response can slow a fire’s progress — and help reduce damage until firefighters arrive.

Features & Benefits

  • Helps you stay compliant
  • Help keep your equipment ready
  • Increases insurance coverage eligibility
  • Promotes safety


Fire Systems Sprinkler Services:

  • Emergency Service: We’re on call to help you diagnose and repair system problems.
  • Monthly & Quarterly Inspections: Fire Systems experienced team will test your system following New Zealand Standards with accompanying reports and test sheets.
  • Yearly Inspections: Every year, your Fire Systems technician will help inspect your hanger, pipe fittings, sprinkler heads, value supervisory alarm devices, information signage, hydraulic nameplate, mechanical devices and more.


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