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Of Fire Protection Solutions

Building Warrant Of Fitness

By acting as an agent,  Fire Systems will relieve the property owner of the tasks of dealing with all the contractors required to maintain the building.

Emergency & Exit Lights

Functioning lights leading to safe evacuation don’t happen by accident. It takes the know-how and care that Fire Systems specializes in.

Fire Alarm & Evacuation

Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum. We can help with trial evacuations too.

24/7 On Call Service

0800 577 977

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance. Protection from fire starts with making sure your fire extinguishers are ready to go.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Through hands-on training with fire simulations in a safe learning environment, our professional instructors will educate your staff.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic sprinklers are widely regarded as the most effective method of controlling fires caused by a broad range of hazards